Surety Bonding
Thanks to Merriwether & Williams’ Bond Assistance Program I received my initial bond for a $750,000 contract and am now working on a multi-million dollar contract Jim Bealum President, Western Addition Drywall
Cementing Our Bonds
Bonds are crucial in starting and completing a construction project, and in protecting a business from various liabilities. At Merriwether & Williams Surety Division, we have long-term relationships with the nation’s top surety carriers, and can provide cost-effective pricing for you. We’ve worked with contractors of all sizes, as well as with municipalities and individuals, to secure bonds that have enhanced commerce and created community benefits. We guide you toward the bond you need so that your business can prosper.

What We Offer
Merriwether & Williams has an impressive record of bonding successes in the construction field. Additionally, we have designed innovative Surety Bond and Finance Assistance Programs for several multimillion dollar construction and capital improvement projects. These programs have increased job opportunities for local and underrepresented businesses, and they underscore our commitment to the local community. We’ve developed an excellent reputation by delivering responsive, time-sensitive customer service and valuable advice.